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A few weeks ago you may have seen on twitter … a cute pink duck sextoy … together with the launch of a new brand… MeetMyPornstar… The main purpose seems explicit… « To meet a Pornstar »… a thematic at Behind-The-Scenes we like .. as our aim is to explore the backstages of the X business and to get to know the ones who make the porn !

We tried, then, to know more about this new brand… we tried to meet the people behind this twitter account MeetMyPornstar newly created… We asked about it our pornstars’ friends that looked to be close to that new project … without being successful !!!

No privilege for our media… We then had to wait as everybody for the official launch of the website on 23 April 2020 ! So finally the availability to discover the website… but as well to chat with one of the partners of this project.

What is the concept of Meet My Pornstar ???

Did you ever dream to meet your favorite stars ??? Either from the sport, the songs or the movies industries …. Either from the mainstream or porn movies ???

To meet an athlete, you may have such opportunity by being close from the field of play in a stadium…. To meet a singer, you may attend first row one of their live show… To meet a mainstream performer you could go to some live performance in theaters, or at premieres … But to meet a porn performer …. difficult to be invited on a porn shooting… there is very few erotic theaters remaining open… but you still have the opportunity to meet briefly your favorite pornstars during adult conventions !!!

But adult conventions are not as frequent and as sexy as in the past… very few real stars of the porn industry are still attending… In general the porn industry is not as performant as in the past… and there is not so much real pornstars among those thousand of actresses that will shoot only one scene and those millions of camgirls that are trying to shine alone in their living room … So it makes even more sense to try to find a way to meet the true star … in order to share a moment with them, to discuss, to know more about them … and this not only virtually through a screen and for just a couple of minutes as at an adult convention. But HOW ??? How to meet the real Pornstars !!!!

This is what is trying to solve the website

What is the concept of Meet My Pornstar ???

This website is a mix of a social network and a lottery… By subscribing on this website you will get access to exclusive contents shared by the different models but you will enter as well a monthly draw that will allow you, if you are lucky, to win a week-end (travel & accommodation included) in one of the European capital to spend a few hours with your favorite pornstar (male or female) or even one a the greatest porn director !

Let’s be clear … No sexual relations are included in the offer… there is no escorting business here. This week-end is the opportunity to meet your favorite pornstar, to know more about her/him by sharing an official public activity (karting, bowling, site seeing, museum visiting, wine testing, sport session …) and a dinner. Outside those shared moment you will be free to discover the city. For security reasons someone from MeetMyPornstar‘s team will be always present during the meeting with the talent.

So unique concept… unique opportunity …. unique experience !

Beside the monthly draw, there will be as well weekly draws that will allow you to win signed items from your pornstar! Be among the first ones to subscribe… as there will be only a few of you … your chance to win will be greater ! In addition the 25 first persons to subscribe a 3 month subscription will win a signed T-Shirt … Be the first …

As said, the purpose as well is to create a community… with talents sharing not only sexy or hard contents… but as well sharing what ever they want in relation in their daily life … a way to be more close with them…

At we like this concept… You know our interest in bringing you backstage of the porn sets… to allow you to know more about the performers and technical crews … As well, we are their to support initiative that allows everyone from the porn industry to shine and benefit from the business model in place !
So we like the values here for both fans and talents… Then we have decided to support the promotion of this new concept.

Already on board… More to come :

So try it… Be lucky… Several subscription are offered ! 1 month at 24.99 EUR, 3 months at 19.99 EUR per month or 6 months at 15.99 EUR per month ! And the longer you will register at once … the more chance you will have to win every week or every month, as you will enter the draws several times. Do no hesitate, be the first to join in order to meet your favorite pornstars …

Date: avril 26, 2020

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