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News about the future of Behind-The-Scenes.fr

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End or Beginning of the adventure ??? Let’s continue… but differently !!!

If you are a recurrent fan of the twitter account BTS7475, the official twitter account of Behind-The-Scenes.fr, you have probably seen our decision to leave the social networks … following many disappointments on Twitter & Facebook and a lot of disappointments on the Porn community … that we liked to make you discover …

But we had many projects … not all connected to social networks … so after a few days of reflections … and some very nice messages of support … we decided not to end the adventure of Behind-The -Scenes.fr

But this new adventure will be mainly around our website Behind-The-Scenes.fr ! Our posts will still be posted on Twitter, but directly from the website. Thus, dear actress friends, dear actors friends, it will be necessary to address us directly by email or by DM your BTS contents so that we could make your promo on our website and thus indirectly on our social networks. We will not do RT anymore. But we will continue to like the most beautiful #BTS posts

Our main activities of the site Behind-The-Scenes.fr will thus be around:

  • Bringing you Behind-The-Scenes of professional shootings by sharing photos and videos that actresses, actors and producers will send us… or through our own on site reports …
  • Interviewing all participants of the Porn industry … Actresses, Actors, Technicians, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Directors, Producers, Broadcasters …
  • Investigate the Porn industry … in France and worldwide …
  • Create a porn library … by collecting French and English books about the Porn business … that will bring us Behind-The-Scenes
  • Manage the largest database of French-language magazines for adults (Hot Video, Shooting X, Chobix …) by referencing the publications, identifying the cover girls …
  • Prepare the opening of the first porn museum by collecting outfits and filming objects, autographed photos of actresses, autographed DVDs …
  • Count our adventure of writer / director / producer of a porn movie …. Yes … Behind-The-Scenes.fr will try the adventure of a X-rated movie … not yet convinced of its success … but we will count you the different steps !!!

Here we are … so we also give up our wish to share Behind-The-Scenes of swingers clubs and sexshops … as over the last 2 years … we are in total failure on these 2 universes !!!

In regards of the Camgirls … we will continue to follow only those who also have a career as a porn actress, to refocus our theme.

So … we will always be present … but less present 😉 We hope to be more relevant … more accurate … We hope to find the pleasure … always count on our fans … and continue to build very good relationships with a small number of actresses, actors, directors and studios.

See you soon on Behind-The-Scenes.fr


Date: octobre 12, 2019

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