Annette Schwarz by Annette – 2008 – Exclusive interview

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Vous ne connaissez peut-être pas l’ex porn-star internationale allemande Annette Schwarz, retraitée depuis plus de 7 ans… Nous allons vous la faire découvrir semaine après semaine, car cette jolie blonde se démarquait du lot… Et elle faisait partie de ces européennes qui avaient réussies à faire une vraie carrière aux USA. Aujourd’hui nous lui donnons directement la parole… Et partageons avec vous une de ses interviews ! Nous sommes en 2008 …

Do you know the former German pornstar Annette Schwarz ? Here is an opportunity to know more her… through a direct presentation of herself she gave in 2008. We are also proposing you an exclusive interview.

For everybody who doesn’t know me yet (or not enough), here is a small biography:

My name is Annette Schwarz and I was born in 1984 in a small German village not far away from the French border.

Already in my mid-teens I was dreaming of becoming famous. So moving to Munich in southern Germany and working as a nurse gave me the possibility to become independent from my parents and also make my first sexual experiences, but I was still missing something: Sex as much as possible, sex with men and women, sex 24 hours a day, sex enough for seven lives.

So on my eighteens birthday I made my first contract with a famous porn production, too curious to wait even one more day. As I always was different from other girls in my age, this is not money, but the pure pleasure and hornyness that has attracted me to porn.

About Me – Some words about me…

Annette Schwarz doesn’t fit the stereotypical starlet mold and definitely that’s a good thing in the world of adult. We have been fortunate enough to have a poignant and in-depth conversation with this international starlet considering given her hectic shooting schedule. At that time, in 2008, she just finished shooting Annette is Slutwoman Volume 2 and was scheduled for the upcoming week for a Jake Malone/Evil Angel production. Enjoy this exclusive interview with the one and only statuesque star Frau Schwarz!

Date: avril 19, 2020
Actors: Annette Schwarz

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